Shit that is “the devil”!

Before all you religious nuts jump on me, take a chill pill!  It’s Monday after a pretty hectic weekend, so I’m going to have my little vent and be done with it!  Things that bite my ass currently:

  • Cardio is the devil that I must endure because…
  • Fat thighs are a bigger devil that I cannot endure
  • Apparently lactose is the devil too – thanks non existent gall bladder
  • Kulula is the devil – they seem incapable of making any flight I’m booked on take off on time!
  • Humidity is the devil – I can’t believe this summer loving chick is saying this – roll on winter!
  • My pool maintenance company is the devil – they make what should be a relatively simple system of pool maintenance seem like a unsolvable mystery!  Idiots!  I bet they were the kind of kids who sat flummoxed by Rubik’s Cube and never could quite figure it out!  Oxygen thieves!
  • Having only 7 days in a week is the devil!
  • Spam mail is the devil!  No I do not want Viagra at discount prices, or Chinese Golf Accessories, or disgusting cheap sex toys!
  • Nigerian email schemes are the devil!  You bastards – 50 emails a day claiming I am the long lost relative of some unknown billionaire, or that I’ve won the UK World Cup lottery, I mean really!
  • People who fall for the Nigerian Schemes are the devil – if you idiots didn’t fall for it, there’d be no market for this scheme and the whole world would stop getting spammed by the buggers!
Having got that off my chest, I can smile 🙂  I survived a spinning class this morning (only barely!) and I’m going for Sushi at my favourite restaurant tonight 🙂
Another week of dinners and jol’s (St Paddy’s is upon us again!) looms ahead of me – shew – need LOTS of dreaded cardio this week!  LOTS!  Starting with … speed-blogging 🙂