Why does food taste so bloody good?

I was having breakfast with a friend the other day, and we were discussing the fact that we would never be thin girls.  She said, you know that quote “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels” … well the person who wrote that clear can’t cook worth a fuck!  Agreed!

Problem is, with all the dinners, supper clubs, comfort eating, etc. my steadily increasing waistline, and assline, and thighline, etc. is getting out of control.  So there are 2 options, eat less or exercise more, so I choose exercise more!  I mean let’s get real, I love my food too much to say no, or make responsible decisions 😀

On the topic of food, this whole having no gallbladder shit is kuk!  Basically my body can’t process animal fats … and by the euphemism “can’t process” I mean I land up on the loo with something akin to food poisoning and fall through my own ass within minutes of eating animal fat!  Any normal, non-food obsessed person would simply cut all animal fats out of their diet – but seriously – do you know what a diet with no animal fats is?  It’s rabbit food!  Fruit and veg only!  Not even yoghurt!  Actually I prefer my rabbits the vibrating kind, not the food kind, so I’ve decided to decorate my loo, since we’re becoming bosom buddies!

Project Cardio begins tonight with my first spinning class in like 9 months or something crazy!  Heaven help me!