Something that baffles my brain!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people go to the loo in public toilets and leave the door open?!?! WTF?!?!  You’re in a public toilet!  That means you can expect other members of the public to walk in on you!  Consider their eye and brain health!  This is not just about your privacy, have you ever thought maybe they really don’t want to be eye-assaulted by your bits???

Almost every day, I walk in on someone in the public toilets in our centre, with the door wide open!  It’s never someone who’s bits you want to see either!  It’s just disgusting and inconsiderate.  Sometimes you walk in and all looks safe on the western front and you walk up to a door and push it open to enter and … wammo … another idiot sitting on the loo without closing the door properly! Like really – that’s why they have the little green and red OCCUPIED and UNOCCUPIED sign on the lock of the door!!!  So clue us in please and don’t just push the door partially closed, actually latch it!

When I’m not having my finger taken off my some fat lady sitting on the loo with a partially closed door between us, I get to have my ear taken off by someone on their cellphone IN THE LOO!  Is it just me?  Like really?  Who wants to talk to you with little PLOP PLOP PLOP sound effects in the background?  I don’t get it, I just don’t get it!

Let me not forget the closet toilet smokers!  I reserve my most vitriolic tirade for those oxygen thieves – LITERALLY!  You are in an enclosed area bitch, and some of us would like to see our 40s without emphysema!  Toilet smokers are like people who do the speed limit in the fast lane and refuse to move out of your way – they deserve no less than some facial redecoration with a baseball bat!

What’s a girl to do to have a peaceful and pleasant pee in this joint? LOL