Small-minded idiots! A little bit of knowledge …

… is a very dangerous thing, they say… I concur.

What a crazy week, no… insane, no… exhilarating, no… frustrating, no… inspiring, no… surreal, actually I don’t know what one label could possibly describe it.

Let me start by saying, I am so blessed.  I have a business people find exciting and inspiring (and of course desirable enough to want to copy or buy or franchise), and after 3 years of extremely hard work (if you have never started your own business, you honestly have no clue, just take my word for it!) we’re breaking through, our measured and responsible expansion before the Carte Blanche show is now well and truly in overdrive!  Although in my head I know what Sun Goddess and I have achieved, I don’t think it’s actually hit me yet, really, so it’s all a little dreamlike at the moment (of course this is probably also just from lack of sleep!).  It has been incredible, positive and overwhelming.  And the positive far outweighs the negative…

However, something has struck me this week, and that is how when you start achieving some level of success, or rather – when you start being recognised publicly for doing that, suddenly where there were only positive comments before, there is now bitter criticism.  Of course, it’s baseless, ignorant criticism – but it’s no less infuriating or disappointing simply because it’s untrue.  In fact, that infuriates me more.  I suppose this is one of the prices of success.  Glory!

So, here are a few “favourites” from this week:

I’ve had about 3 people this week say, after hearing we were on Carte Blanche, “I’m so sorry!”.  They presumed there was some kind of major expose … after all, how could a sex shop be seen in a positive light on one of South Africa’s leading actuality programmes!?!?!  When I gush and explain that on the contrary, it was a phenomenal segment and showed us in a fantastic light and we’ve had nothing but positive comments, they stare at me blankly … confused.  Can I just say it?  Ignorant fools!

I have had no end of concern expressed to me from countless people this week, so concerned about our impending expansion!  These helpful people start instructing me to do useful things like, “Be careful”, “You know you need an agreement!”, “Other people opening branches will destroy your brand!” and my favourite, “Will you call your franchises The Boudoir?”!  Having spent countless hours writing manuals, standards documents, merchandising guidelines, staff guides, etc. etc. etc. I find this particularly offensive.  I wonder how people think Sun Goddess and I won the awards we did – by fluke, or perhaps bribery?!  Certainly not by hard work, dedication and business savvy!!!  Why are these people so threatened by our success?  Do they think we’re idiots?  Like we would ever undertake this next phase without being as prepared as is possible?!  I have no doubt that we would never have achieved what we have if Sun Goddess and I weren’t who we are, we make an incredible team, that is not to be underestimated.  Can I just say it?  Ignorant fools!

The cherry on the top of my week has to be the sleazy, presumptive propositions I have had!  Naturally because it is now more openly public knowledge that I have a business in the sex realm … it is presumed I am some sort of prostitute … or worse… an easy lay!  My Monday in particular visiting my car dealerships was one of the low points of my week!  I had comments ranging from, “If your business is doing so well why are you doing this?” (from a 60 something year old used car salesman who’s clearly never attempted to achieve anything in life, let alone start a business!), to “Show us your tits!”.  Yes, amazing!  Can I just say it?  Ignorant fools!

My consolation is that I don’t know of any successful business person who didn’t go through hardships, criticism, etc. in their rise to the top.  And of course, this makes for a very interesting chapter in my memoirs one day – yes, I have an interesting enough life to actually write one of those, unlike the ignorant fools above!

If the above venting session makes it sound like a terrible week, it really wasn’t, on the contrary, it was incredible, we sold out of stock several times, Friday was our best day in the 3 years we’ve been in business, and of course this month was our best month ever as well.  Since Sunday we have had well over 30 franchise enquiries, and not from ignorant fools either!  Our soon to open 2 new stores are going full steam ahead, one opening within the next couple of weeks and another mid January.  We’ve had offers to be featured in books, to write more columns, free editorial coverage is being offered left, right and center and we have the respect and admiration of so many people, not least our friends and family.  What a ride!  Watch us … Sun Goddess and I aren’t nearly done yet!  Eat your hearts out you ignorant, jealous fools LOL.