Best Sunday EVAH!!!

I’m lying on the couch, with my pooches, watching nothing in particular on the telly, blankly looking at this screen and trying to decide how or what to express about this day I’ve just had!

Where to start?  God I love my life.  I love the people in it. And I love my business.  So blessed.
My morning started with a call from Sun Goddess to say that there was a full page gorgeous article about us in the Sunday Tribune.  Such lovely words about us and our boutique, and the first time we’ve been in The Trib – that alone would have made today an incredible day.  The messages and calls of pride and encouragement flowed all day.  It was absolutely fantastic.
This evening, my mom, brother and I headed to Sun Goddess’s place where we were joined by Boobalicious to watch what we thought would be, at best, a 2 minute clip of our boutique as part of another story.  Boy were we pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a much bigger story and we featured way more than expected!  It gave a really good sense of who we are and what we do.  I’m thrilled, simply thrilled!
Best Moments of the Day (and forgive me if I get sentimental here!):
When my mom hugged me after the Carte Blanche interview and said, “I’m so, so proud of you my girl!”.
Hugging Sun Goddess after the interview and congratulating each other.
Reading the Trib article, home alone.
Watching the Carte Blanche segment surrounded by the people who matter.
Loving my pooches right now.
All the hundreds of positive emails, blackberry messages, Facebook comments, Tweets, calls and SMSes from friends and family.  
Worst Moment of the Day:
When an estranged family friend called after reading the Trib article hysterical that I am doing this “terrible” thing!  She has decided to appoint herself a one-woman campaign against me.  It is literally the only criticism I have had from anyone about my gorgeous, positive, life-changing boutique!  Ironically, one of the things she said was that my mother must be ashamed of me!  The amazing thing is that this judgemental woman (who has never been to my store or had a rational discussion with me about what my business is about!) was doing all this ranting in the name of Jesus.  I pray that her eyes are opened one day, or that she simply educates herself.  As the saying goes, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.  I’m blessing her and letting her go in hopes someone will point out the Song of Solomon to her from the Bible she was throwing in my face!  I am particularly sad for her that she believes sensuality is a dirty thing that should be hidden and ashamed of.  She, of all people, really needs to visit my boutique.
Funny Stuff:
There are some clips in the Carte Blanche interview where if you knew what was actually going on and being said behind the scenes, you’d have a good giggle.  One I can think of off the top of my head is they showed some footage of Sun Goddess and I doing “routine” stuff in the shop, so I decided to light some candles, I went and fetched our sometimes trusty FireBoy lighter, and the clip shows us talking to each other and laughing… what was actually happening was Sun Goddess was saying, “Shit, don’t use the lighter, it’s ugly!” and I replied, “But it’s burgundy and if I hold it like that no-one will see the FireBoy label!”  hahaha! Typical that they use that!
I can be really goofy on camera!  Most of the 4 hour shoot I was really restrained and businesslike, and wouldn’t you know the 2 times I got goofy they aired!  Typical!  I don’t think I’m ever going to live down calling our most popular vibe something that could be a blue-tooth headset!  Needless to say, we’ve had calls and emails ordering the blue-tooth headset already, so go figure.  The other goofy moment I spoke about the petition that was lodged against us when fellow tenants saw our pole going up, skandaal!
All in all, a surreal wonderful day…
Looking forward to many more positive experiences, what an honour to be doing what I’m doing.