Babies, beginnings, endings & life in general

Gosh, so much is going on, where to start?  I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since I last had a chance to blog!

The most exciting news is that Bond Girl finally gave birth to an enormous (5.1kg!) Baby Boo yesterday!  She ended up having to have an emergency caesar – but just as well as when they pulled him out he had a huge knot in his umbilical cord which had they gone through with a vaginal delivery could have literally killed them!  Frikking scary!!!!!!!!!!!  Very happy he’s here safely, and Bond Girl is sounding great and hoping to go home tomorrow.  I have flu AGAIN, so can’t go visit them yet which is a real bummer 🙁

On the boutique side things are unreal!  Completely surreal!  We’re about to open another branch, and there are 2 other branches on the cards for the next couple of months.  I’ll be up early to buy the Sunday Tribune tomorrow morning, apparently there’s a stunning article in there tomorrow, we’re apparently in the latest Woman & Home as well but I haven’t see it yet … and … today’s excitement is that we’re getting interviewed on camera for Carte Blanche on Tuesday!!!!  Sun Goddess commented earlier that every crap day we’ve had, every useless party, every crappy event we’ve packed up for, every bit of hard work over the last 3 years seems so tiny in comparison to the amazing growth and exposure and endorsements we’re getting at the moment.  I totally agree.  We’re going to enjoy every moment … we have worked so hard … it’s finally our time!  It’s too damned exciting.  Goosies!

I have had no time for anything but work lately sadly – but hoping to see the Fabulous Females next week for a catchup 🙂  It feels like an age has passed since I last saw them, purely because of everything that’s going on.

I finally have another housemate as of the end of the month … won’t announce who it is just yet as she has her own story to tell first so I won’t steal her thunder 🙂

So many wonderful things to look forward to over the next few months, just need to pace myself and keep on keeping on 🙂