Busy little bee…

I’m particularly short of time at the moment (hence the lack of blogging) because there’s a lot happening on the boutique side, we’re in the throws of expansion, and naturally, being The Boutique, we do things properly and to an extremely high standard.  This involves a lot of behind the scenes work, drawing up decor guides, advertising guides, sex toy manuals, business agreements, etc. etc. etc.  It’s really exciting.

Over and above this, our boutique is having the most amazing run, September was our best month ever in the 3 years we’ve been open, better than last Christmas even which was our best month before.  We’re on such a steady growth phase, it’s phenomenal!

We also find ourself writing our own column in a local newspaper now, and writing for a number of other websites as well as writing for our boutique blog – sadly this means I don’t get to write here that often, even though this is my real passion.

Isn’t it funny, when you’re doing extremely well, that something will come from your past and smack you in the face.  I have been accused (not to my face mind you) but behind my back of writing pornography.  This is hardly even worth commenting on further.  And so I won’t.

Please bear with my during this crazy time … I will probably be a very inconsistent blogger for the next few months.