Lifestyles of the furry and fanciful friends…

Okay, so crazy boutique, lots happening, expanding our business, drawing up agreements, on the business front things could not be better 🙂  Can’t really talk about the details here but crazy business life right now …

Two quite cool things on the personal front though … when Frenchy moved out a few months back … I blogged and said it was the end of an era … well … like a creepy movie … she’s baaaaaaack 🙂  So good to have her and Duffy in my life, though I am currently the most boring housemate on the face of the planet, with my head buried constantly in my machine writing manuals on everything for our business, but nonetheless, it’s great to have housemates you enjoy 🙂  The second great thing is my return to Personal Training … although I’m currently still in the “swear my personal trainer every time I have to move” phase and the “so disorganised I forgot to pack a bra today” phase! 🙂

Our menagerie of animals have settled in nicely … Fat Cat and Jessie have resumed their love affair like they never left off … and even Duffy Dog, who at the mere mention of the word “C – A – T” normally starts hunting for something to chase, has settled in with Fat Cat.

I sometimes think watching animals is actually a lot like watching humans, there’s all this posturing and one-up-manship that is not unlike the power struggles amongst humans… in our household it’s particularly entertaining with 2 Jack Russells, a Bichon Frise and a fat Tabby Cat…

If our house was a soap opera the intro would read as follows:

Lord Doughton, the coiffed playa played by Duffy Dog, has fallen on hard times and has to share the limelight (woe betide!), and his toys (crises!), with some uncouth Jack Russell with a rather questionable background who won’t leave him be!  Lord Doughton’s aim in life is to one day have his moans correctly understood by the idiotic humans sharing his space so they stop asking him stupid questions, like “Lord Doughton want some water?” or “Lord Doughton want to go wee in the garden?”!  Lord Doughton’s favourite quote : “Idiots the lot of them!  The humans that is!”

Juiced Up Jessie, the wild female Jack Russell of questionable background, played by Jessie Wessie, has some “issues”, definite “father figure problems” and a “slow metabolism”.  Because she was raised on the wrong side of the tracks and abandoned by her father as a teenager, she craves attention in all the wrong places (including humping the unwilling Lord Doughton at every opportunity and for good measure Monty as well).  With a penchant for doing things that she knows hurt her (like swimming until her ears are infected!), Jessie is still lovable and turns up like a bad penny, whenever you’re not looking for her.  Juiced Up Jessie’s favourite quote : “Love me, love me, say that you love me!”

Predictable Pork Chop, the gentle giant, is the most stable influence in this rag tag group of friends.  Slow to anger, and quick to forgive, he’s somewhat shadowed by the other overwhelming characters in the house.  What he lacks in pizazz, he more than makes up in tricks and obedience (a rare commodity in this environment),  and exceptional landscaping skills (which he can never quite understand why it angers the humans so much, after all the patch of grass outside the front door would be so flat and green without his landscaping skills and the valleys and mountains he’s sculpting – and how boring would that be?).  Predictable Pork Chop’s favourite quote : “Slow and steady wins the race!”

And finally, the delightfully detached Monty, the tabby cat played expertly by Fat Cat.  Monty has had a peaceful life, and was hoping to retire gracefully in a sunny spot somewhere in summers and curled up on a blanket in winters, but the crazy crew at the house is having none of it!  He’s either fighting Juiced Up Jessie off his back (honestly, what is she thinking with a rickety old man like Monty?) or chasing Lord Doughton out of his room (can an old man not get some peace?).  Age does buy you some privileges though, like sleeping on the bed with the humans, or eating at the kitchen counter.  Monty’s favourite quote : “Piss off now and leave an old man in peace!  Young, dumb and full of cum!”

Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment at our house! 🙂