Popcorn for dinner … don’t fight it!

One of the joys of being single is being able to have microwave popcorn for dinner whenever you like, and with whatever you like 🙂 Yes, as a feeder – this is a joy – I don’t feel the “pressure” to cook for anyone and popcorn fills the gap just fine thank you, especially when it’s the Rich Butter sort 😉

Now, one of the pains of being single is trying to stock the fridge with healthy food, so that when you do feel the need to be healthy and cook, there’s stuff to cook.  Meat is no problem, I’m nothing if not organised, so I buy and freeze portions individually.  Veggies are a problem – I HATE frozen veggies with a passion – they taste like shit!  So I try to buy veggies that last a while in the fridge, things like potatoes, corn, gem squash, etc.  This is where this boring blog turns slightly interesting …
So, last week I decided to cook myself dinner, after hunting in the fridge, the only vaguely usable veggie was a sweet corn (slightly past it’s sell by date)!  So I decided to slice the corn off the cob and pan fry with some spices to make it a bit interesting … and boy did things get interesting … it seems my fresh corn was a little further past it’s sell by date than I thought … I ended up having half pan-fried and half popped corn for dinner!
The moral of the story is … don’t fight it … if the universe wants you to eat popcorn for dinner … just do it … don’t fight it … the universe has a way of getting what it wants!

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  1. Petra Bellejambes on September 13, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    If you yield to the universe and embrace popcorn for dinner, it is an absolute must that you take Champagne (or your favorite chilled bubbly from elsewhere) with your meal.

    I would not lie to you. This is the correct match for popcorn.

    Trust me.

    Bon apetite

    xxoo – Petra