Bloody coconut!

I am a brunette!  No really, I am … despite behaving so often as a dizzy blonde!  I have to share this with you, even though it happened a week ago because it speaks volumes about my spells of sheer dizziness these days!

With my schedule being as insane as it is right now, and so much on my plate, I have gotten into this terrible habit of working away (Focus Fanie Style) until my body revolts with nausea and headaches and I realise, “Oh hell, I need to eat lunch!” … unfortunately this normally happens at about 4pm!  Yes, I know!  Get a grip right!  So, last week, in an effort to prevent my headlong rush down to Woolies Foods to consume everything in sight at 4pm, I bought some biltong and droewors (so good for my cholesterol!) and dried fruit to keep in my desk drawer.  Problem solved right?

So nom nom nom I’m eating away at my biltong, while working, and suddenly my “S” key starts sticking on my notebook keyboard.  hit – I mean Shit – do you know how frutrating it i typing with a ticky S key?!!!!  So, in my infinite wisdom, knowing this can be done (but not stopping to think that it shouldn’t actually be attempted by me!), I pull the top of the S key off, just in time to see a coriander seeds slip under the X key, #@%&*$#!!!!  Okay, so the X key comes up and I grab that little seed.  Problem solved!  Until I realise I have to get the S and the X key back on…

Oh hell, a quick examination and it seems quite simple, take the white plastic thing off the back of the key, slide it under the metal thing jutting out of the naked keyboard, and press the key back on … easy peezy!  Not so much!  I struggled for 45 minutes, screamed “fuckity fuck fuck fuck!” a number of times, regaled Bond Girl on Skype with a tirade of SSSSSs and XXXXXs while attempting to push the keys on, counted to 10, practised deep breathing, and eventually, after coming close to just throwing the keys away and using a naked S and X key, I got the ruddy things back on!

Moral of the story 1?  Rather go down to Woolies at 4pm, it’s way quicker and less frustrating!
Moral of the story 2?  When you own a sex shop, you really can’t do without S and X!