Google is a terribly confusing thing!

Okay, so if you have this idea in your head to finally write your novel, never ever google “novel fiction where to start”! Hell, there are more conflicting ideas out there than there are bones buried in my garden by my Jack Russell, Pork Chop! And that’s saying something!

Okay, so scrap googling about where to start, I’m using movies as my inspiration, how many times have you heard the line, “write what you know” in a series or movie???!!!
Which begs the question, “What the hell do I know?”!
Okay, so here’s what I think I know, or have known:
  • I know singledom, way too well!
  • I know funny people
  • I know sex shop life
  • I know hope
  • I know happiness
  • I know family and friends
  • I have known love
  • I have known disappointment
  • I have known loss
So now, what the hell do I do with all this???
Pause… family arriving for Sunday lunch… best time of the week!