A tale of a dejected Bichon Frise …

… introducing DuffyDog – the new edition to our household 🙂 DuffyDog is a Bichon Frise (not a Maltese! I have already been corrected LOL). DuffyDog has some rather entertaining traits, he’s very vocal for one, and asks for what he wants, everything is on demand, walking, weeing, water – all get’s asked for and generally needs an audience. This has led to Duffy being renamed by my brother to the rather apt, Lord Duffton (said with a suitably pompous accent)!

You’ve never seen a dog with a more expressive, human face! I feel like I need to cover up when I get out the shower for fear there’s actually a re-incarnated letch in there 😀 You get the idea.
So this human, uh dog, has made himself at home with my rather wild and amused Jack Russells.
For your entertainment, here’s a selection of classic Lord Duffton moments…
First of all we have his favourite position – draped all over whoever he has the opportunity with. Make sure you keep tickling that tummy now, no breaks allowed!
Then we have Duffy this weekend … his mom had gone out for the evening … and he was stuck with me and my Jack Russells … of course … he did his best to look dejected and tried very hard to make us feel sorry for him …
First pose … where is she??? My mum’s gone!!! The horror!!!!
Okay, no-one’s watching, nobody loves me … fuck it … might as well give up!
Dogs are the funniest things sometimes 🙂