Crush-worthy character required… apply here!

So, everyone has their bucket list … Godmother has her communing with Gorillas … and I have writing a novel on my list.
I decided on my birthday this year, that by next year I want to have written a novel … this has been a secret desire of mine forever … in fact just opened up my first attempt at starting one from 2005 … and read it … hell, it’s terrible!!! Good thing I never bothered to finish that attempt! Don’t get me wrong, I have no lofty ambitions of writing some incredible work of fiction here, just some entertaining little piece of chick-lit will do me quite fine, after all, it’s my favourite kind of read … lying in the sun … reading some entertaining little piece of escapism … it’s the best.
What is stopping me? I definitely have enough humorous experiences, I love writing, I could make the time… but what’s stopping me at the moment is I just don’t know where to start… like is there a formula… do you need the story line flushed out before you start? I have a serious case of paralysis by analysis 😀
That, and I totally need some crush-worthy character to sweep in and be the male hero of the novel 😀 Novel Gods, please send me one such creature soonest!
I’m stuck at the boutique this afternoon having the carpets cleaned! Rolling eyeballs! How startlingly exciting and un-glamorous! Well, I guess there’s no time like the present right?
If you’re in Durban, I hope you’re lying on the beach somewhere enjoying this sublime winter weather of ours, if not, sorry for you 😀