Now that’s a new one! Only in my shop!

Sorry, but sometimes we have a good giggle here in the boutique… the questions we get asked… and the things people say… eh eh eh!

One just has to smile, and be thankful I suppose, that people feel comfortable enough to share so openly … but honestly … sometimes we really don’t want the mental images – LOL!
A lovely upmarket guy is here yesterday and he’s shopping for a Fleshlight (which there is no nicer way to say it – is a male masturbater – so we all already know what you’re planning to do with it!). He stammers and stutters around for a while and keeps apologising for asking silly questions (like I haven’t already heard that one a thousand times)! But for once I was surprised when he blurted out, “But where does THE STUFF go?”. I almost rolled on the floor laughing inside, but thankfully kept my poker face intact long enough to answer…
Shame, poor boy 😀 Boobalicious and I had another fat laugh this morning trying to figure out what he was so confused about. We have come to the conclusion that he’s never actually masturbated and perhaps thinks he produces gallons of “THE STUFF” that will be very difficult to “deal with”. If Godmother were here, she’d no doubt say, foei tog 😀
Speaking of Godmother, she’s off to commune with the Gorillas in Rwanda for a couple of weeks! No jokes! They have these strict rules about practices that are condoned and forbidden when you go up the mountains, like no strong perfumes and what not that could affect the gorillas … or attract them – right … no flies on Godmother, since she is determined to see these gorillas in the mist … she’s gone fully stocked with our pheromone creams and perfumes!!! I hope she comes home in two weeks and some amorous gorilla hasn’t taken off with her up the mountains into the mists LOL!
Well time to head home, what can I say, every day life is seldom dull for me … whatever 😀 Same old, same old, different day 😀