These things are sent to try me…

Have to smile while blogging about this, it was one of those mornings, the type where things aggravate you no end and you wonder is it just you or is everyone else fucked in the head today?

First of all, whoever the powers that be are, have decided that the section of the M41 that goes from the M4 up to Gateway needed some speed humps! In their defense, the speed limit is 60 in that section, and everyone puts foot up there doing about 120km. But traffic flows, and it’s all good. They put these ridiculous little speed humps in now, not the normal ones, these are a whole series, first you have the low small ones that are close together that feel like a grate when you are going over them. What I have realised is that this is in fact a warning for the other humps in between, which feel like they are about 20 cm high and short! The first time I hit one on these at the 60 km an hour speed limit, I thought I had not only blown out all 4 of my tires but also definitely cracked something major! So the next day, I slowed right down to 20 (TWENTY people) and it still felt like my car was being subjected to torture!!! The result of these ludicrous humps is that people coming onto the M41 from the M4 now have to slam on brakes, come to a complete stand still, and creep over these treacherous humps! Then crawl up through the series of them. If anything will cause accidents, it’s having to slam on brakes when faced with a traffic jam while coming round the corner onto the M41. What the hell were these people thinking?! Eh! Clearly I wasn’t the only one thinking the same thing, because this morning I came round the corner and the humps were gone, THANK GOODNESS!!!

Aggravation number 2 this morning: if like me, your day is scheduled to death and busy, you have a tight time schedule from gym to work. So I did my personal training, jumped in the shower, grabbed my Cappuccino Burst from Kauai (which I got specifically to break my R100 note for parking change) and went to the parking ticket machine. I had to pay my R8 and guess what, no paying with notes and no change! I had a R10 I was planning to use, and R2 in change! So I huff and puff, load my stuff in the car and head down a level to the machines below, double park, jump out and put my ticket in, again, it wants exact coins, no notes. Try the other machine, same! ARGH! Steam is now beginning to emanate from my ears, so I have to now find parking on the retail level a week before Christmas, lovely. I park, go into the closest coffee shop, Vida E, and ask the gentleman behind the counter to please give me change for a R10 for parking – he looks at me like I just landed on Earth and smell like cheese – I took this as a No! At this point I resorted to begging for change in Gateway! Fucking Hell! Fortunately a nice lady helped me out with change and I was finally on my way. This left me thinking AGAIN, what the fuck are Gateway Centre Management or Parking Administrators thinking?!?! It’s the bloody Christmas season – you need someone full time going from machine to machine to sort this shit out people!!! Eh! I have 3 more personal training sessions before Christmas, note to self, take change!

Tis definitely the silly season upon us!