Ahoy from tropical rainforest, swamp-like Durbs …

What the *&^% is happening to our glorious Durban weather these days?

We’ve had no summer to speak of, just rain, rain and more rain and last night the heaven’s opened like they never had before! I felt like I was on Survivor just getting from my garage to my front door!!! While cuddling my petrified Jessie and screaming at barking Pork Chop to stop pissing off the Rain God’s, it actually started raining in my house!!! Bloody roof needs a redoing for sure, and dickhead landlord is not interested!!!

What the heck is up with our weather?

I then spent 4 hours trying to sleep with Pork Chop wedged between my legs on top of my duvet and Jessie’s bum peaking out the duvet right by my nose! I had forgotten how impossible it is to sleep with dogs on my beg! Eventually, at 1am, I threw myself off the bed and marched the 2 of them out the house (thankfully Armageddon via downpour had abated by then!) getting the full guilt trip eyeballs from both of them! I felt terrible … for 5 seconds … until I climbed into my gorgeous bed alone, sigh.

Please, please, please MR Weather Man Sir, can we have some more sun???