Agony and Ecstasy…

I started Personal Training 3 weeks ago … so what’s new, every year at this time, as summer approaches, all us lazy pokes join the gym again! So what’s different this time? Well, my Graves Disease has made me realise I have to take better care of myself and part of that is making time for me and getting healthy!

As you can see from the lack of blogging (something I am truly passionate about), I don’t have the hugest amount of spare time at the moment!

But dammit, it’s time I became a priority in my own life again! Being distinctly A-type and of course, a woman, I prioritise my family, my friends, and my businesses, my home, etc., etc., etc. above myself day after day! Being single doesn’t help either because there’s no man at home forcing me to have down time, so it’s go, go, go!

I have a little “me list” which I am working through slowly, as and when, the nude photography shoot was a huge tick on the “me list”, and something I am thrilled with and proud of. Continuing on with my bedroom renovation project is another, and I have to say, as I lie in bed blogging, this is truly my sanctuary, my boudoir, my little heaven on earth! Finding an eating plan that works for me is an ongoing challenge, between the logistics of my road based job in the mornings, the craziness of my hyper-thyroid induced appetite, and the demands of my inspirational Personal Trainer, I have yet to find the ideal solution, but I keep searching…

One thing I’m particularly good at is admitting my faults, maybe too good! So why do I never stick to a gym routine? The answer is pathetically vain, but true … I can’t stand getting bigger! And I seem to be one of those chicks whose muscles respond really well to any form of exercise, and grow at a rapid rate and unfortunately, the fat doesn’t dissipate at anywhere the same rate… so, what happens, I get bigger, my clothes get tighter, I get down and I stop gym! So what is the solution? Well, this time round I have paid a Personal Trainer for a month and a half up front! I love my hard earned money and I’ll be damned if I’m going to throw it away, so this is motivation enough for me. So, I’m 3 weeks into my Personal Training routine, and thoroughly enjoying the process and the structure, but I’m getting to that point already! Where my muscles are growing at a rate of knots and I’m wondering what on earth I will be wearing in a couple of weeks when I can’t get into my clothes! I’m going to battle through it, and hopefully turn the corner at some stage! Because I have paid for it after all! Besides the 2 hours a week I have to find for my one-on-one PT sessions, he wants me to do 4 cardio sessions on my own! In an already full week! Well, I managed 3 this week, hopefully next week I hit 4, but it’s really tough to sacrifice and do “the right things” and get bigger! GROWL! Gritting teeth and battling through it, but please let me get smaller soon!

Onward and upward!