Living my dream…

A recent blog post by Bond Girl where she blogged about her dream of opening a BooKoffee Shop had me thinking… it’s so important to have dreams, and what is mine and I have to say, I can say I am living my dream.

Look, life is certainly not perfect, I’d love to be able to give up my car job and just focus on the Boutique, so life could be a little less frenetic, but on the whole, I am in a place where I am absolutely loving life, and it’s so good to be here.

Things I love right now:

  • My fabulous boutique – with it’s new lease on life and wonderful clientele, how wonderful to have a business that inspires you everyday, makes you laugh and cry in all the best ways!
  • My sexy boudoir at home – with my Egyptian Cotton linen, flocked cherry red curtains, new office and bookshelf and prints from my nude shoot mounted, I love going home and spending time in this haven, what a privilege to be able to afford the finer things in life and to have a bedroom totally devoted to your whims and desires!
  • My inspiring family – who are always positive regardless of the hurdles they face and who never fail to make me feel amazing!
  • My patient friends – who sadly fall off the list far too often to be replaced by work, work and more work. Thank goodness for Skype, Windows Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, etc. There’s definitely a little living life vicariously happening for me as I have so little spare time.
  • Me! I love my improving body, my funky shorter hair, I just think I’m fabulous, warts and all 😀

Things that need improving:

  • My schedule is a nightmare, got to learn to say, “No” and make some time for friends and me!
  • My health is an ongoing mystery/discovery depending on the day! Going to have all my bloods redone at the end of this month to see what on earth is going on with my Thyroid, it’s Hyper Highway Madness that affects literally everything else! It’s the only dark spot on an otherwise bright horizon.
  • Gosh, I almost forgot to add this one 😀 I would love, love, love to meet a wonderful man to share this exciting time in my life with!

How lucky I am, sigh!