Bokkies Weekend, Smartie Parties, Being bounced from Pumula, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

Frenchy kicked my butt today for not blogging about our Bokkies Weekend (this past weekend) yet. I know, I know, I know, it HAS legitimately been one of those weeks… because I feel like I need to justify my distinct lack of blogging lately … my week so far is thus…

Monday: Hit the ground running after Bokkies Weekend, full hectic day, left shop late, grabbed Indian Summer curry on way home (thankfully) as electricity was out from before I arrived home until after 10pm! Note to self : Sort the bloody garage door manual override out! Every time the power’s out I dance a jig like a crazy leprechaun trying to get in and out of my garage – not attractive! Had candlelit bath and dinner, was divine!

Tuesday: Another action packed day, finally got hold of Monique (who has dropped off the face of the planet of late) and organised to go for cocktails with her at Zachs after work. Cocktails with Monique turned into cocktails with Monique and 2 foreign exchange students she’s hosting and an ex high school mate of mine who is now SCARY, full-on dyke, but not in a good way AND who was not invited, but gate-crashed when she recognised me! Not too lekker!

Wednesday: Crazy day during which we found out we’ve been nominated for Retailer of the Year again, lots of excitement! Then dinner with Bond Girl and our bestie from high school, who’s Lesbian in a good way, BIG DIFFERENCE!

Tomorrow night I have dinner with Sun Goddess and our husband (no people, not serious!) and Friday night I’m planning to check out new club Origin 🙂 My weekend off has been hijacked by open boutique in JHB plans. And before I know it, it will be Monday again!

In between all that socialising, I’m working my but off for the boutique on Birthday Celebrations, doing all the advertising as well, in addition to full time job of running shop and other full time job of servicing 15 car dealerships! All this while completely incompetent Property Managers are replacing 2 aircon units in boutique (this sounds like it should be simple but is a comedy of errors and to be quite frank – fuck ups!)! Shew! TIRED just typing this! Then I have people who say, “Can’t understand why you’re still single!”, or, “You need to make time to meet someone!” Give me a fucking break people, I just about have to schedule a pee these days!

So, the fun part, Bokkies Weekend 😀 Tee hee

Frenchy has this amazing group of girl friends who get together regularly for events like Bokkies Weekend, or Bokkies Christmas, etc, etc. The things that strike me about the Bokkies, besides the fact that they’re fabulous females of course and great escapism for me, is that they never fail to have a total and utter jol, and it doesn’t matter where. Come to think of it, Frenchy and I have a total jol, even when it’s just the 2 of us, and that is so refreshing for me! I honestly think Frenchy and I are kindred spirits, we have such similar tastes in everything it’s uncanny! Anyway, I guess over time, Frenchy has kind of taken me in as an adopted Bokkie 🙂 Thank goodness, keeps me having fun and sane!

This last weekend Frenchy organised Bokkies Weekend away in Umzumbe. Lately, I love anything I don’t have to organise! Our beach weekend looked to be derailed by the crappy weather we’ve been having lately, but the highlight had to be our Smartie Party. What, you ask, is a Smartie Party? Well, DUH, you each get dressed as a different coloured Smartie! So I was blue smartie, Frenchy was green, and we had red, dark pink, light pink, purple, orange and turquoise! A whole box of smarties 🙂 And of course you have to be dressed a little off the wall – so I decided to find some really outrageous, long blue eyelashes and go crazy in that way…

We were all dressed up on Saturday evening, and we were having our own little party at the guest house, until we realised the alcohol was not going to last us all night, so we had to find a spot to jol! We promptly all piled in the biggest car we had, and headed off to Pumula Beach Hotel, playing the theme song for the weekend – Lily Allen’s Fuck You Very Much – on top volume and singing along (with hand signals naturally)! We gatecrashed our way into Pumula’s Pub and although we were a total hit with the patrons, Pumula were having none of that and refused to serve us! Highlights include being shouted at by the responsible people trying to sleep, woops, and stealing a vase and candle, LONG story and frikking hilarious!

Pumula recommended we go to the local club in Umzumbe, aptly named something like The Slippery Nipple, or the Hang Over, I can’t remember, but something terribly inventive like that! It was CLOSED … at 9:30 pm on a Saturday night … WTF?!?!?! Fortunately we passed some cars and what looked like a party along the way, so back tracked to said location and discovered one of the coolest jols ever, Mantis on Moon Back Packers! Right up Frenchy and my alley … I’m so over pretentiousness, that an honest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get joint like this is SOOOOO refreshing!

We stuck out like smarties, naturally, amongst the laid-back, shorts and T-shirts optional crowd, smoking some seriously long green ciggies I reckon. We had a blast! Shooters were a challenge, since it’s a backpackers, so we compromised and had a round of hodge podge made up shots, I can feel the bile rising just thinking of it 😀

Highlights include realising that not only were the guests high, and the bar staff high, but kid you not, the numerous dogs were high! If I could draw I would do a cartoon, enormous dogs hanging off the couch, totally out of it! It’s a real sight! Being asked numerous times if we were a Hen’s Party, to which we politely replied, but laughed our heads off about afterwards, stating, “Why the hell would we have a Hen’s Party in Umzumbe!?!?!?!” We have lives after all!!!

TOO much fun!