Hyper Highway Madness

This Graves Disease induced hyperthyroid craziness is unbelievable! Let me share the last few nights with you as an indication of the madness…

One of the things hyperthyroidism causes is an insatiable appetite! Like insanely, eat a box of pasta on your own and still be hungry, kinda insatiable! Normal people just don't get this, they make suggestions like, 'eat carrot sticks instead of carbs'! IMPOSSIBLE! You are ravenous constantly, like you haven't eaten in a week! How many people that have been starved for a week do you know who would be satisfied by carrot sticks? Exactly, not going to happen!

The other weird thing is the poked thermostat! Because your metabolism is gong berserk, you run hotter! Like in a big way. Personal summer!

The last 3 nights of my life:

Night 1:

Arrived home to house mate cooking lamb roast, but couldn't possibly wait for it, so had Nandos Burger Meal as 'starter'! Still ate plate of lamb and veggies after!

Went to bed with Aircon on 22 degrees. Woke up at 3:30am drenched in sweat having a total personal summer. Threw covers off, put aircon on 16 degrees, and lay like naked starfish for an hour until I felt normal temperature!

Woke up and got on the scale, thinking like a normal person that I must have gained weight after eating 2 dinners, but no movement on the scale.

Night 2:

Frenchy and I take advantage of Mama Luciano's half price for ladies special. I order 300g rump with chips and pepper sauce and eat the lot.

Wake up and weigh, again no movement!

Night 3:

Book Club so tried to act like normal person and eat bowl of vegetarian Thai Curry dished up for me and nothing else. Got home late, blogged and hit the sack.

Woke up and weighed, 2kgs down! My God! If I was eating like a normal person everyday, I'd be falling through myself!

The human body can be a wondrous thing. Right now mine just MADNESS!

Could be way worse, trying hard to adjust and accept.