Sometimes Mr Boring is just that, Mr Boring!

Just got home from my fabulous book club, it’s a really great break for me from the routine and is always lovely to catch up with Funny Girl and Naughty Girl, and everyone else …

Something that annoys me though, and I have to admit it’s a general theme right now, is the fact that people expect me to date people who I’m not interested in just because I’m single! Clearly I am not “desperate single” yet and maybe that is my problem. There is actually still some “selection criteria” at play and merely being male and available does not guarantee that I want to go out on a date with someone! When I relay these stories, I get judged and looked at like I’m mental or too fussy or whatever. This amazes me and frustrates me! Are we, as females, still so backward that we feel that we should accept any invitation, regardless of who it’s from, and that we have to give people chances and try them out a bit before declining them, bla bla bla. Like we have a duty to say yes! Well I’m very sorry, but BULL – F$@#ING – SHIT!!!!!

When I’m car shopping, and I cross a car off the list, I don’t get given the 3rd degree and told to take it for a few test drives before I discount it! I look at the car, if it doesn’t suit me, I pass, if I’m not sure, I test drive it and see! And this applies to everything in life! You go shopping for a dress, you don’t waste your time on a style you know doesn’t suit you or that you aren’t looking for, you simply keep hunting for the dress that does! Why is it okay to be picky about everything else in our lives, but it’s frowned upon when you’re picky about the man you will spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH! Amazing!

I sometimes wonder what the hell people are thinking. I’m 34 years old, of course I would love a partner in my life, although I am what I would consider a thoroughly contented single, I would absolutely love to have someone to share this amazing journey I am on with. For me, that someone hasn’t come along yet. I am still hopeful that they will. And if they don’t so be it. It’s great that people have found their partners, but with all due respect, they are not me, and their partners are not what I am looking for at this stage in my life.

Sometimes, you meet a Mr Boring-On-The-Outside-But-With-A-Twinkle-In-His-Eye and that I can work with, but sometimes Mr Boring is just Mr Boring! And I am not doing Mr Boring for love or money. And that is just the way it is.