Cheepskates and Green Pubic Hair!!!!

Eh! Sometime I can just scream with the questions we get asked at the boutique and the gall of some people! I love my business, I love the impact we’re having, I love the way we’ve changed people’s ideas, I love the fact that I have literally saved relationships and marriages, I love my life…


Not loving it so much!

Watch out, vent session on its way…

We do parties at the boutique, for book clubs, hen parties, birthdays, etc. And we charge a nominal fee, we have done away with the food option, that was way too much hard work and for what? So we charge R60 per person for a party, which is 2 and a half hours of fun, and drinks, and a small gift (valued at R10) for each lady … now, over 2 hours, you can appreciate a good few glasses of wine are had by the ladies. So really, R60 is actually dirt cheap in my books!

We get a lady mailing us now, having a hens party on a Friday afternoon and wanting to know if we could come and do something at their bridal shower. I explained nicely that we only do parties in our store, and that being a Friday afternoon and during our normal trading hours and a busy time of the month, we unfortunately are not able to close our boutique for their party. I suggested that they perhaps all come through and browse, that we could give them a full tour as we do for the parties and they can have a good giggle. The chick writes back and says, can they have cocktails while here, so I reply and say, look it’s not an exclusive party, so won’t charge you the normal rate, but will do cocktails for them, no gift and only charge R30 a head. Fair I think?! Blow me down if the chick doesn’t write back and say, oh, they on a budget, can she bring champagne and use our glasses so they don’t have to pay?!?!?! SORRY!!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????? Let me think about this one …

  2. If you cannot afford R30 a head, you are highly unlikely to spend ANY money in my boutique, so remind me why I must go out of my way to accommodate you again???
  3. Our shop will be full of people ACTUALLY shopping and SPENDING money and I’ll have to neglect them for your cheap asses!
  4. They’ll have to deal with your giggling cheap asses ruining their shopping experience!
  5. The whole reason we do our parties so affordable is to get the ladies in the store and have them able to spend. We don’t do parties to see your smiling face! Funny story!
  6. Unfrikking – believable!

Then I get an email from someone today wanting to do a joint venture with us, selling hair dye for “down there”! Available in Red, Orange, Purple, Green, etc. Yes chicks, you read right! Apparently the thing to do now is to dye your cook GREEN! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and the write up says you can also use it for your man’s beard or chest hair!!!!!! All my life I want a man with green chest hair!!!!!!! PUKE!!!!!!!!

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  1. Kim on October 2, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    I enjoyed this post. i know the type. I had a girl phone me to come do a party and said she has already paid for a pole dancer to come and teach them and would I drop my rate as they have already paid a fortune for the pole dancer. Okay so what am I, chopped liver! Just because i'm not sliding up and down a pole doesn't mean my demonstration is any less fun!
    The thing these people don't get is that we are providing a service and we deserve to be remunerated for our time and effort.
    Good on you for sticking to your guns.
    Sheesh, if these four walls could speak!