Bored, BORED, B O R E D !!!

Okay, it’s official, I’m bored! I’m all Facebooked, Twittered and soon to be blogged out!

Having a particularly quiet day at the shop, like literally only a handful of people have been in, it’s WINDY in Durban, so 70% of the population has called in sick and are lying under duvets watching movies 😀 What is it about Durban and our weather obsession, or rather aversion?! Boobalicious moans about this all the time (being from JHB)!

Bond Girl has gone home, so no MSNing to her, Dreamer is playing pool, so no MSNing to him, what on earth am I going to do with myself after this post?!

Probably eat! Which is something I am doing REALLY well of late, and for once in my life loosing weight doing it, ‘cos it looks like I have Graves Disease! Sounds far worse than it is … moenie worrie nie … it just causes Hyperthyroidism, which has me eating like a pig, loosing weight, not sleeping, and becoming a porridge brain. I have to say the porridge brain thing is the hardest, but I am trying to deal with it, nothing scheduled reminders on my BlackBerry won’t sort out 😀