Nude photography… for me… because I can…

My pet peeve at the moment is people who cannot seem to fathom that I can do something for no-one else but myself…

My nude photography shoot is tomorrow, I am SO excited and SO looking forward to it, I just can’t wait. It is something I have wanted to do since we opened our boutique two years ago and met the photographer we refer people to… now finally, it is here!

The only aggravation is these silly conversations I have with people about this topic … I can’t tell you how many people have asked me, after hearing I’m planning a nude shoot, “why?”, to which I reply, “because I can!”, this flummoxes them so they try asking another question, “for who?”, I patiently reply, “for myself!”, blank stares and the next question, “is it for a special event? birthday?”, by this point I am inwardly rolling my eyes, thinking you poor poor soul!

What is it about people that they think you could never do something like a nude photography shoot for yourself! They can understand if you do it for a husband’s birthday, for an anniversary, for a boyfriend, for someone or for something … the only UNACCEPTABLE reason is to do this amazing thing FOR YOURSELF – which is actually what every woman should be doing!

Eh! I don’t know, maybe I’m from a different planet, who knows!

All I know if this is a gift to me, next time I have a bad hair day, feel fat, ugly, whatever, I will look at those photos and know I am gorgeous, just the way I am. And we could all do with those reminders now and again…

Thank goodness I am self aware enough and self confident enough to know I deserve a nude photography session for me alone for no reason at all!

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  1. Genna-wae on January 13, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    I think sam from Sex and The City said it best… ” I want to be able to look back at these nude photos of myself and say…I had a great ass!”