In love with my BlackBerry Storm … am I an objectophile?

Not sure how many of you followed Boston Legal before it’s sad demise, those of you who did will have a giggle now when I remind you of Leigh Swift (the objectophile who dumps Jerry Espenson for an iPhone!)…

Well, I upgraded my phone last Friday to my first Blackberry, the Storm, Blackberry’s first touchscreen phone … I was a lot worried! I would consider myself an advanced business mobile user, I have all my email accounts on my phones, Instant Message, Facebook, Browse and even send the occasional blog from my phone. Probably the thing I do least is phone! And having used all of Sony Ericsson’s touchscreens (P800, P900, P910i, P990i, P1i) over the last 10 years, I was quite hesitant to change to a new manufacturer, and a new concept phone of theirs to boot.

On Friday I collected my new BB Storm, after getting a R2000 discount on the pay in!!! Bonus!!! And played all weekend… unfortunately Vodacom only managed to turn the Blackberry Internet Service on for me yesterday, so it’s only really from yesterday that I now have a fully functional phone – woohoo!

I have to say, I am totally, unequivocally, in love with my Blackberry Storm now! Man of man, it’s great – as a total technophile – this gets me excited : Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live Messenger apps – that run constantly on my phone, not in the browser, that are constantly connected and don’t time out, unlike the browser! Sigh! Push Email! Sigh! Free browsing! Sigh! Immediate notifications from all these apps when there’s action so you don’t have to keep checking! Sigh! I tell you, that feature alone will save me a good half hour a day if you add up all the times you do a Get and Send to check for mails, or reconnect to a service to look for updates! Sigh!

This is what gets me excited – saving time!!! Man, time to find a boy in my life!!! 😀

So, not that this is a formal review, but in case someone searching for reviews for Blackberry Storms finds this … there are some cons – which I hope and pray will be sorted out with Software Updates (Technophobes, you may as well stop reading here…) … here goes …

If you are not an advanced Touch Screen user, don’t get the Storm, the only way to enter text on the phone is through the various touch screen virtual keyboards – if you are attached to real tactile keys, think twice. Even as an advanced user, it’s taking me a while to get the hang of it and get my speed up (I miss having the keyboard and touch screen like my P1i and I miss my stylus). Even so, I can tell that with another couple of weeks of play, this will be no problem. My only other criticism on this front is that the full keyboard in wide screen mode doesn’t have the predictive text thing that the Sure Type Portrait Keyboard has – growl – I prefer the wide screen keyboard ‘cos I’m more accurate that way, but typing the whole word is a pain! Silly developers! Put the same predictive text on all the keyboards!

You can’t send contacts via SMS! Only email! Kid you not! Okay, this one is easily solved by installing m2b Card – and now works 100%, but for the technophobe users, who may never install anything extra on their phone, this is a big problem!

So far, that is about it for the negative …

I have installed many handy little apps that make my Blackberry even cooler – so I’m a happy little camper right now! 🙂

My recommended apps to install:
Uber Twitter
Windows Live Messenger
Quick Pull
Berry Buzz
Opera Mini

PS – my last criticism is – I walked Gateway flat yesterday looking for a funky case, skin, cover, whatever for my Blackberry Storm, the stores had funky ones for iPhones but nothing for the Storm 🙁 So I’m stuck with a black silicone skin (terribly unexciting!) and screen protector – there’s a huge need for something interesting out there! You can order stuff online, but I want to walk in to a store, browse and buy! ARGH!