Mad Cow in the House!

Shit peeps, where do I even start with this blog post! And apologies in advance, there will no doubt be some vitriol in this post…

Housemate Pommy is driving me in to the loony bin!!!!! No seriously people, I can hardly believe the things I’m about to type because if they hadn’t happened to me I would think the teller was fibbing, but people this is genuine! Se-riiiiyaaas!!!

A bit of background: Pommy is the youngest of the 3 of us, early 20’s. She’s also got a truck load of medical issues which have her in and out of hospital and also on extensive prescription drugs which led to a 2 and a half week rehab stay last month… She’s been living with Fenchy and I for about 4 or 5 months now, and though I like her, I am probably going to strangle her if I don’t give her notice! The frustrating thing is, you can speak to her about stuff, and she agrees, understands, etc. but then she’s on pills and wine and she doesn’t actually know what she’s doing… so talking to her to try fix these things is clearly about as effective as pissing against the wind!

So what has my hackles up today?:

  1. I wake up this morning and start my normal morning routine, I let PC & Jessie in for a little love in bed before I officially get up… Friday last week I went and bought a box of Capstar (flea tablets) and gave each of my dogs one and gave one to Frenchy for her cat Monty and one to Pommy for her dog Lady. The fact that I had to do this in the first place annoyed me, because I had explained to Pommy before that when she takes Lady home to the farm for the weekend, she needs to dose her with Capstar before she brings her back so she doesn’t bring farm fleas back to our home! We don’t do fleas! For obvious reasons! So I buy and dose mine and give to Frenchy and Pommy. True’s nuts this morning PC’s lying next to me in bed and I see a big fat flea on his nose. So I get up and go to Pommy and ask her if she actually gave Lady the Capstar… She giggles and puts her innocent voice on and says, “No, you know what happened (giggle), I put the pill on my pedastal and forgot about it, and then I took my pills later and I thought it was my pill and I took it.” YA! You read right! Pommy took the flea tablet! Shaking head!!
  2. After this story, I think, mmm, some cereal will be lekker for breakfast, and I even remembered to buy 2 litres of milk Sunday night which I haven’t opened yet… lekker… I head through to the kitchen, and see a 2l Woolies Milk on counter, pick it up, and it’s empty! I open the fridge – nothing! A simmer gets started now … I ask Frenchy, did she make smoothies or what, Frenchy says no chance, not her, and has also had problem with her milk disappearing by the litre overnight. WTF! I don’t mind if you have a glass when you run out or whatever … but for pete’s sake … I didn’t have 1 teaspoon of my own 2 litre milk!!! I made toast!!! With 2 sips of my fruit juice (‘cos that had also been raided and someone was nice enough to put 2 sips back in the fridge!)
  3. Then the maid comes through and informs me the BIG washing powder I bought last Monday, 9 days ago!, and the whole bottle of jik is finished and it’s not her. She’s pissed because she knows I’ve spoken to her and explained the right amount to use, and she makes sure she watches it now, and she leaves on Monday afternoon and there’s half a tub of washing powder and arrives today and there’s nothing! 6 Weeks worth of washing powder gone in 9 days!!! The simmer is hotting up to a slow boil now!!! This after I have explained to both maid and housemates how much washing powder to use!!! I go through to Pommy and she puts her useless innocent voice on again and says she knows nothing! So aliens are visiting her during the day when she’s home alone and stealing cleaning agents! Personally I think the pills aren’t enough and she is snorting washing powder and chasing it down with a shot of Jik! Then maybe the milk is to cool the cocktail down!
  4. The final cherry on top I’m actually going to cut short, because I actually can’t even bear to write about it anymore…

Mad cow gotta go!!! Thank God it’s book club tonight, maybe I should go buy some washing powder and Jik, a birdy told me they make awesome cocktails!

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