Techno babble … MVix … HD … WTF!

Shew! What a hectically busy week! INSANE!

Our boutique has been pumping busy! Women’s Day is on Sunday, so we have all sorts of specials running, it is insanely busy! But GREAT!

I have finally bought myself 2 of the things on my “post debt clearing shopping spree” list – an MVix Multimedia Player and a Home Theatre System… and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with myself, I actually managed to plug it all together this morning and get it working, it’s fantabulous! I put my typical male hat on and didn’t even take the manuals out of the wrapping, and fuck me, it worked!!!! Bloody marvellous!!! But I now have 4 remotes that all need engineering degrees to understand and operate! Am I just being a typical chick now? I have a sneaky suspicion that there is a better way to set this all up so have bribed Dreamer to come and help me tonight, with what else? Food! Our currency 😀 Too funny!

This MVix thing is pretty cool though, you put all your movies, series, music, photos, etc. on and it has it’s own operating system, manages and categorises it by file type and even has Wireless capabilities, so I can connect from my notebook in my bedroom to the MVix player in the lounge wirelessly! Too cool! Well, this is the theory at least, I still have to test it all. Enough tech speak 🙂

Frenchy is in Cape Town this weekend, lucky thing, which leaves me home alone with Pommy, our resident drug addled housemate! Oy! Glory! Working boutique tomorrow and Monday so not much of a long weekend anyway…

Have a fantabulous weekend people