Kissing frogs, straws in noses, flashing sharks and hot stilettos!

Last night was a bit of a bender, as usual when I join Frenchy and co. out and about. Of course, it’s been so long since I have done any jolling with all the work, work, work, it was actually quite nice to let my hair down.

We were out for one of Frenchy’s friend’s birthday, we started off at Simply Fish for dinner, then headed to Billy’s for drinks. Frenchy and I were fading rapidly, so we decided to chase a few chocolate cakes to get us in the mood 🙂 It worked 🙂 The birthday girl had a happy birthday frog balloon, and we had the most hilarious conversation once we all got going…
Long story short we were all joking and laughing about having to kiss so many frogs before we find our princes, so we made a pact that we’d all update our Facebook statuses to “ribbit ribbit” the morning after any jol where we end up kissing another frog… too funny! Looking forward to seeing the ribbit ribbits and laughing my head off. I’m really appreciating time spent with my girl friends this week, it’s so fantastic! I really need to get the work situation under control so I can do more of that.

Before leaving Billys for Clapham the birthday girl managed to accidentally stab herself up the nose with her drink straw which caused a gushing nose bleed in the middle of Billys, of course it wasn’t funny, but it was flipping hilarious, she was laughing so hard she couldn’t stop the nose bleed. Some poncy, wannabe standing behind us thought it was so funny to say, “keep off the coke chick!”! Doos! Anyway …

Clapham was Clapham… A Michael Jackson tribute was quite amazing… wondering how long it will be until we’re all really over that but for now, it was quite moving!

All the Sharks were out and one particularly drunk one was trying so hard to climb into one of us Bokkies. His big “come on” was to walk up to all of us and lift his red t-shirt. HOLD ME BACK! Idiot! The dude didn’t even have such great abs, like really! WTF!

I discovered this great shoe and bag factory shop yesterday morning, and bought the HOTTEST stripper/dominatrix stilettos ever, of course I had to wear them last night and SO paying the price for it now! Ow! But looking forward to my nude photoshoot! Those will look so hot on!

Okay, back to work, website deadline for tomorrow.