Oxygen Thieves! Gotta love them!

I am the first to admit that I don’t suffer fools gladly! Some are so talented at being challenged in the extreme that they warrant the quick impromptu blog post like this.

I have spent the last few hours of my afternoon trying to teach someone how to do THEIR job! I find that exceptionally frustrating!

Background: We are sending out an email campaign talking about some exciting upcoming events at the Boutique in August, Women’s Day, Princesse Tam Tam Lingerie Special, Masked Launch Parties, bla bla bla … We have our own database of just over 1500 clients, in addition, we are sending the campaign out to two other databases of women in KZN … You pay to do this, good money nogal! You send the content and the images and they send it to their database on your behalf. Simple right? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Having come from an IT background and knowing it will take forever to get the email perfect, I do the email myself (in HTML linking to existing images in my website). In other words, it displays perfectly and it supposedly idiot proof as it is a simple matter of copy and paste to send the email! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one of the 2 women’s groups sends me a test mail, 100%, no problems, all good. Tick!

The other one, sigh, it keeps arriving wrong, it looses formatting, it displays differently, etc.,etc. Now, I try very hard to be patient and not assume that she doesn’t know what she is doing, after 4 attempt to send a proof, I call and I eventually ask her to talk me through what she is doing. That conversation goes something like this…

Me: I don’t understand why stuff is disappearing from the HTML, can you explain what you are doing?

Expert Email Sender: I am opening the HTML in FrontPage and then saving as HTML!!! (Talented this one!)

Me: But it is HTML – just send it, no need to open in FrontPage and save as HTML, I sent you HTML!

Expert Email Sender: Oh? What do you use to edit HTML?

Me: Notepad!

Expert Email Sender: EXCLAMATION! You CODE!?!?!?!

Me: Oh sweet Jesus, save me!!!!!!!

Nothing more needs to be said!