Euphoric – WTF!

I have to say, I am going through one of the strangest periods in my life ever, I have actually convinced myself that I have an overactive thyroid because it’s the only thing that actually makes sense. Unless someone is slipping me speed or something – not that I’ve ever tried speed or know what the hell that feels like, but I’m guessing it’s like this.

I can’t sit still, I’m averaging 4 hours sleep a night, which for a 9 hour a night kind of girl, should be killing me, but I am full of energy, loosing weight while eating tons of carbs, again – I look at carbs, in fact, carbs can be in the other room and I gain weight in anticipation of them! Let’s see, what else, oh, I suffer from the cold normally – Durban winters are torture for me normally – but now, I’m sweating and hot all the time, sleeping naked and still too hot! I can’t drink enough water – I almost got violent with someone who took to long to bring me water on Thursday! My eyes are sensitive and sore & make me nauseous if I look around too fast. My normally focused and ordered mind is now this ditzy, forgetful porridge brain! My hair has changed. I know, I know, it sounds too bizarre, so when I finally stumbled across the symptoms for Hyperthyroidism, angels started singing Hallelluya, up until that point I thought maybe I was starting to loose it. So, going to have bloods taken next week to test. If it’s not Hyperthyroidism, I’m flummoxed! Then I really may just be going loopy 😀

Anyway, that’s my weird health issues of the moment, what else is happening…

I have FINALLY taken the plunge, and booked something I have been wanting to do FOREVER! I have booked my Nude Boudoir Photography shoot, in about 6 weeks time, I cannot wait, so looking forward to it, I may as well advantage of this slimmer new body and endless enthusiasm and euphoria 😀 Watch this space.

On the weight issue, it’s cool that I’m slimmer that I have been in the last year or so, and what chick doesn’t love hearing people comment, but when you are eating like a pig and people keep commenting on your weight loss, it’s actually freaky, ‘cos it’s a constant reminder that something is not right with your body! So people please, stop commenting!

Oh, I have joined a Book Club … there will definitely be more about that later, 6 CRAZY chicks! I can see many a raucous night coming!!!!!!