Domestic bliss … NOT!

I haven’t blogged about this saga, but it is now becoming an issue in my life … so …

I had a “wonderful” domestic maid for seven and a half years, named Merrita, prior to her, I had her mother, and I got all her sisters work with my friends and family. Over the years Merrita really became a member of my extended family, she was also with me through 4 years of flipping houses, so learned how to not only clean, but how to display everything properly, so every time I got home, I walked into a show house…

Unfortunately, she also began taking advantage more and more, and I don’t like to scream and shout and moan, so things gradually got out of hand, partly my fault I know. This all culminated in me dismissing her 2 weeks ago… a traumatic experience in the extreme… Dreamer came over for moral support and the minute I walked Merrita out the house, I turned to him and blubbed like a baby, it was like disowning my sister after all! After a tearful weekend, my new maid started the next week, referred by my new housemate Pommy.

Glory me, Sthobs (new domestic) is turning out to be useless in the extreme! Beginning to wonder if she’s been a maid before or maybe just a nanny! I know I am fussy, don’t get me wrong, but this maid is really trying my patience… and of course I have 2 housemates, complaining about the maid situation… I actually don’t want to go home at the moment!

Maybe I’m just being mad, but in my book, a maid should clean the bathroom, know how to put a duvet in it’s cover, and not leave whole baskets of wet clothes in the laundry for 2 days!