Curiouser and Curiouser…

Okay, it’s 10:25pm on a Friday night and Frenchy and I are back home already! That’s sad….

We started off at the Whiskey Expo at Suncoast, what a disappointment! Only a handful of whiskeys, we started with Chivas and it was all downhill from there, there was one whiskey in particular we actually tossed, it was like liquid wood, yuck!

Anyway, off to Billy’s AGAIN after that and it was quite festive, we flirted here and there, had a few more whiskeys and some Pink Panties (I have no idea what was in these little shooters, but they are definitely a repeater!).

But really, it was the same old same old, and we were home at 10:30pm…

One thing stands out above all others …. the pick up line of pick up lines …. wait for it ladies ….

Frenchy and I are making out way across the bar and some oke grabs us and starts introducing us to his friends … okay … then he introduces us to his one friend in particular, we’ll call him John … and this guys says, “Girls, you must see John, he’s HUGE (along with the requisite hand signals), come on now girls, open your mouths and I’ll tell you if you can handle him!” ….

So, seriously, WTF, like really dude, has that line EVER worked, like in the history of mankind???? I mean seriously, what do you expect???? Some chick is going to do what exactly???? Yeah baby, here, is this wide enough???!!!

Get a frikking life looser!!!!

My bed alone, with laptop on my lap is about a gazillion times more exciting than you!!!!