Celebrations & Makeovers

It’s Frenchy’s birthday today – happy happy happy Frenchy chick!!!

We’re planning a real bender on Friday night, big crowd of girls heading to dinner first at one of my favourite restaurants (great) in one of the dodgiest locations (even better) in Durban… then heading down to Clapham to dance the night away … Bond Girl will be there as well with her crowd … and Dreamer may pull in too … so it’s looking like it will be a cracker of a night … I could SO do with one of those!

So, besides jolling Friday night, what else am I excited about? You’re going to laugh, but since I am now officially debt free, I’ve decided to give my bedroom a much needed makeover, the rest of my collection of Egyptian Cotton is on it’s way from Cape Town as we speak, woohoo, and I’m going shopping for fabric for new bedroom curtains tomorrow morning. Of course, I also have a shopping list of note over the next 3 months, after 18 months of financial deprivation, I intend to let my hair down a little and live, before knuckling down and saving for the next goal 🙂

Will definitely upload photies when I finish the bedroom makeover project 🙂