Sitting in a Sex Shop on Sunday!…

We’re trying something new this month at the Boudoir Boutique… we’re opening on Sundays! Yes, you read right, the day “traditionally” set aside for visiting Church or whatever else you do on the 7th day!

Can you believe we have had a lot of requests for opening on Sundays? Who would have thought! Anyway, now that the centre we’re in is finished being renovated, and Woolies Foods has moved in downstairs, we figure the foot traffic may warrant staying open on Sundays, so we’re trying it in April and will see. I drew the short straw this Sunday, so I find myself sitting in my Sex Shop, on Sunday morning, pondering nothing much in particular 😀

One thing I have to share, I ordered a set of Egyptian Cotton PJ’s from our Cape Town supplier (drawstring pants and cami) and they are FABULOUS! I have got to get myself a whole set of Egyptian Cotton linen – it is very close to the top of the when-I’m-officially-debt-free-shopping-list 😀 And the best thing is they now come in a stunning dark Taupe-y colour called Iced Coffee, teamed up with red accessories and a throw or two and I won’t want to leave my Boudoir EVER!

Now where can I find me one of these specimens to chain to the bed?!

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  1. Kim on April 7, 2009 at 11:52 am

    I think you will see that being open on a Sunday will benefit you. My store has always been open on a Sunday. I used to sit here from 9am – 9pm on a Sunday. That was ridiculous! Now we are open 10am – 4pm and it works well.Sometimes it gets quiet and just as I start to doubt the viability of being open on a sunday, we do record sales. Hang in there!