Here today, gone tomorrow! Yes!

I’m one of those chicks that is always up and down with my weight. I fluctuate in a 10kg range – that’s pretty bad, I know. I know the reasons why I gain weight as well, so I’m not completely self unaware, when I’m stressed or depressed I eat CARBS and I gain weight, it’s that simple. And the last year was all about stressed and depressed! Financial stress with starting the boutique and the stress of managing a second job to try and pay my debt off! So, no surprise, I gained 10kgs again.

Now, my debt is very nearly gone, in fact I no longer own a credit card (having paid both of them off and closed them), in a few months I will be completely debt free, woohoo! And I’m starting to live again, to dream again…

So, my outlook is more positive, I’ve been eating well for the last 2 months and slowly the weight has started coming off (about 4kgs so far, I know, long way to go, but we’re heading in the right direction), of course I’ve fallen in love with Yoga and that is making such a difference as well, not just from a fitness perspective, but from a peace of mind perspective.

So where am I going with this? Well, as chicks, we all have ways of determining where we are with our bodies without getting on the scale, you know what I mean girls … those skinny jeans or black pants that fit perfectly when you are at your ideal weight and feeling great …

Well, mine are a pair of seriously bell bottom jeans (non stretch so there’s no cheating) and whenever I believe my body has been at it’s best, those jeans have fit me like a glove! About 2 months ago, in order to give myself a good old kick in the butt, I took those jeans out the cupboard and attempted to put them on, knowing full well there was no way that was gonna happen! Well, needless to say, I got about 5cm past my knees and that was about it! DEPRESSING! SHOCKING! And just the kick I needed.

Now, over the last 2 weeks especially I’ve started to feel like things are fitting better and firming up, etc. So this morning I woke up and thought, I wonder how much progress I’ve made … time to pull those jeans out… and they went past the knees and the thighs this time, in fact, I’m in them! Granted, I have a serious muffin top and it took some determined wiggling… but I am in them!

Suddenly the sky is bluer, the music sweeter, it’s official, I am heading in the right direction! Lynette’s Diet to the rescue again – and a little yoga 🙂