Satisfaction guaranteed

There is something so satisfying about ticking off your lists of things to do. I’m having a really productive holiday! I guess my plan of taking more time for myself is starting to pay off, my last holiday I literally slept away, at least this time round I have some energy to get stuff done!

I did yoga again this morning, I still can’t do the pose at the end that involves trust, what is up with that?! Well, I’ll just keep trying, I’m loving feeling my muscles again and at least I feel like I’m heading in the right direction physically and health wise for a change.

So, I got my new notebook yesterday, an eMachine, and man is this thing a machine! 17# screen, shitloads of memory and a colossal hard drive, now at least I can get stuff done at home, it’s taken a good few hours to copy across my data from the old notebook, because I was using the 6GB I had free on my MP3 Player to ferry the data in batches, ridiculous I know, but I got the job done 😀

Frenchy just made the most divine lunch for us at home, chicken burgers with halloumi, humus, rocket… legend chicken burger! Rizzo is moving out and back in with her husband this weekend, and on Monday Frenchy and I welcome a new housemate. Thanks to Dreamer’s creative house rules, I’m sure everything will go smoothly 🙂

Looking forward to a quiet night in tonight, yoga tomorrow morning, and lunch with the fan-damily tomorrow 🙂

Not quite sure what I’ll be doing next week, but thankfully I have time to do what I want because I’ve ticked all the lists off 🙂