So this is ‘zen’ …

It has to be said, I am thoroughly enjoying yoga. So much more than I thought I would in fact.

I have to admit that when Funny Girl first started talking to me about such things as 'Vinyasa' and 'Ashtanga' and 'Bikram Hot Yoga', I inwardly rolled my eyes (being my sarcastic self) and thought it was a bunch of namby pamby hogwash but I was open to trying it.

I never realised how great it would make me feel, and in a completely different way to traditional exercise. It's a hectic workout physically, involving your whole body, which is great! But that is not what has me so excited!

You're going to think I'm loosing it now, but it makes me feel great inside, like really great! Peaceful, focussed, centered, I guess this is what they mean by 'zen'!

I finished a class last night and we were all quiet, like all in our own world, I could happily have left in silence without saying anything to Funny Girl, and driven home in silence! I couldn't listen to the noise on the radio, or even the CD I have in my car, I just wanted to stay in that peaceful place I was in. It was bloody marvelous! I totally understand why people head off to spend time in an Ashram now!

The thing with 'western' exercise is it's all about louder, faster, higher, harder, pain, doof doof doof music and whooping and punching the air! Yoga feels so internal, peaceful, it's done in a silent room, there's no talking let alone whooping, it's not about winning or comparing or even keeping up, it's all about me, and man do I need it's all about me for a while!

So I find myself up at 5am (yes me, the chick that can barely wrench her eyelids open by 8am), ready to start my day, with lots to do, but feeling completely capable and ready for challenges, whatever they may be…