Just ranting and raving!

Just had two frustrating days, Murphy’s playing with me again! But before I start ranting a raving, a classic pic from the murder mystery weekend above, this is a shot of me and a fellow party gal shortly before we tackled each other to the ground! All scripted of course, but flip it was a funny party, think I should do something exciting for my 35th next year – something like this 🙂

So, why frustrated?…

  1. My notebook computer at home has decided to go on holiday since Monday morning! As Murphy would have it, this happens when I have only 3 jam packed days until leave, so a list as long as my arm to sort out! Typical!
  2. Amazing how reliant we are on technology, this has well and truly stuffed my week up so far! Logistics! Driving to shop to print and prepare docs for my webmastering job and then having to go out and get it done later, man, thing is my life is scheduled to death right now to fit everything I need to accomplish in, so something like this happens and it’s a DISASTER!
  3. Do you think I can get a quote out of anyone for a new notebook?!?! Nope!!! Beginning to wonder what it takes!!! I literally need to buy one tomorrow, you’d think these okes would get off their asses and send a girl a quote! Feel like I need to have a T-shirt made – HAVE CASH! WILL BUY TODAY! Maybe then I’ll get some attention! In fact, on second thought probably need more drastic action, perhaps a T-shirt saying I GIVE BLOW JOBS FOR QUOTES! Eh!
  4. Notebook, out of the blue turned on this evening, so this may be the last post for a few days until I manage to actually buy a new one!

Just a few other pet peeves this week! I’m allowed to be a bitch, my aunty is visiting! Rolling eyes! Note to self – get bloody Merena, Mirena, however you spell that thing, I need it! Over this lot!

  • I hate red tape junkies! Why do certain people send 20 emails to justify why they shouldn’t, can’t or just downright won’t do some task you require! Like dude, the task would have taken 60 seconds, how long did the 20 emails back and forth take?!?!?!
  • I hate grannies at the til in front of me at Everfresh, who are moving at the speed the contents are moving when I’m in a hurry! Like really, step aside woman, I will unpack your trolley and get your stuff packed THIS CENTURY!
  • I hate having to draw cash to put petrol in, in fact I hate having to remember to draw cash full stop! Roll on chip in my forehead, I’m all for it! I put R17 petrol in this afternoon to get home because I forgot to draw cash! And why don’t these bloody petrol stations take normal cards anyway! I can use my card EVERYWHERE else, I don’t want another card cluttering my wallet that is linked to exactly the same account but allowed ‘cos it has the word garage on it!
  • I hate that I am on leave and have a list longer than when at work to sort out! Get furniture cleaners in, take TV in to be fixed, go buy globes, better yet put globes in, buy bigger camera case, buy notebook, buy yoga mat, call credit card department and make sure they closed now that paid off, bla, bla, bla – what happened to lie in the sun, see friends?! Maybe next time!

Yours in sense of humour failure