Holiday heaven…

Well, I’m on leave, and finally today it feels like it, because I am writing my blog from my bed blissfully alone, aside from the maid pottering around turning our messy weekend dump into my beautiful home, and everyone else is at work.

That’s the only thing about leave when you’re single and no-one else is on leave, it’s so solitary, and I’m an entertainer, a giver, so I am learning, and I am giving to myself this year. I am gifting myself Yoga, healthy eating, sleep, family, and one or two friends. Heaven!!!

I have been to 4 yoga classes now, Sunday morning’s Power Yoga is a killer, so will have to persevere with that. Now the challenge is to try and fit it in when I’m back at work ‘cos I am really LOVING it! Yesterday, we did that pose where you put your legs in the air, balance on your shoulders and then drop your feet down to touch the ground above your head, it was frikking amazing! It’s official, I am a Yoga Bunny… hopefully Yoga Bunny body to follow shortly 😀 And then Yoga Bunny loving man! Okay, okay, back to reality 😀