Neverending weekend …

What a weekend! Can I have another one now to recover?! Well, my weekend started pretty early on Saturday with packing and getting ready to go up to the venue for the party close to Mooi River. I drove up with a colleague and his wife, we took a leisurely meander up the Midlands Meander, stopping off at Piggly Wiggly for a light lunch (and some shopping for me at Eclectic Magpie – damn – why is shopping not an Olympic sport, I’d win Gold!). We got the Lords of the Manor outside Mooi River at about 2pm, just in time to join in the festivities …

And man were they funny! Crochet, 4 legged races with 3 people, wheelbarrow races, you get the idea 😀 Of course, the wine was flowing well into the afternoon and by the time it was time to get dressed in our outfits for the Murder Mystery Dinner Party, I was feeling particularly festive 🙂

I got all glammed up as the gypsy, Candy, and went back up to the pub and man, what a delight, no-one held back, it was fantastic! Everyone looked SOOOO cool! Unfortunately, none of those pics are on my camera, or I would have uploaded. Dreamer arrived at 7pm, and the rest of the evening was pretty much a blur… involving more wine, lots of laughter, easter egg hunting in the garden at midnight, puffing on a cigar (yuck – I must have been drunk!), pole dancing with no pole (a particularly impressive feat!), being tackled to the ground (literally! And on 2 occasions!), and good food 😀 It was a blast! Followed by a mother of a headache on Sunday morning! Thank God for headache tablets!

Dreamer and I drove back down to Durbs, stopping in at his Mom’s place at Midmar for a quick coffee, and he was off to his next shift at work. I arrived home to oppressive heat and humidity, and promptly disappeared into my airconditioned bedroom for some reading and a little siesta 🙂

A couple of hours later I was up and off to fetch Funny Girl from the airport and we grabbed a -fantastic carbo-loaded dinner at Spiga Dora before I dropped her off at home and went back to my very inviting bed!

It felt like a non-stop weekend, but this much I know to be true:

  1. I get tipsy on wine… I really like that about me! 😀
  2. Pole Dancing with no pole is difficult in the extreme! But hilarious to do!
  3. Dreamer and I have a totally platonic relationship so no hanky panky in bed that night, but man I had me some vividly erotic dreams about him nonetheless! Too weird, kinda freaked me out! What is with all this dreaming about sex! Eisha!
  4. I love my new purple bag!
  5. I love pasta more!
  6. I have committed to 3 Yoga sessions with Funny Girl this week, roll on Yoga body! 😀
  7. I’m tired, can I have a weekend now please 🙂