Channelling Candy Popefhart, 1930’s clairvoyant …

This weekend I get to play, be silly, dress up and drink lots (‘cos we’re all staying over where the party is)! I have a mate’s 40th Birthday Party and it is a weekend affair, 1930’s Chicago Murder Mystery weekend to be specific! How cool is that? Gangs, lingo, hand signs, ridiculous names, horrendous outfits! It’s going to be BRILLIANT!

I plan to have a blast, I am playing Candy Popefhart, a well known forensic psychic and part time clairvoyant who’s a real airhead and short sighted but refused to wear glasses! And I constantly get my messages mixed up! This is going to be TOOOOOO funny, can’t wait! I’m going very Gypsy, crystal ball, enormous dangly earrings, fishnets and bangles! Such fun!

Dreamer is joining me and his character is Dakakis Tocopious (hee hee) and he’s a a body guard who lacks integrity and pretends that he’s loyal to all gangs. He cheats, steals and deals in any contraband. And he sings in the choir! ROTFL!!!! Man, they got him down! He’s coming up later on Saturday and meeting me there.

I’m heading up with a colleague and his wife early on Saturday and we’re going to do a bit of the Midlands Meander along the way, so it looks like it will be a really nice, relaxing, fun weekend.

Right now, I am sifting through a ton of admin – God, I hate admin! But there is something satisfying about ticking things off on a list I suppose, well, I suppose we have to tell ourselves that to make it more bearable!