Guilty pleasures…

Why do we as women feel so guilty when we say “no” or take time for ourselves, or do something for ourselves? Is it just me? Or are we all just hard-wired to do and give all the time?

You’ll see that some of my goals this year listed on the right were to learn to say “no”, to take time for myself and to do more things that make me happy. I think I need to put a caveat on those and say I need to learn to do those things without feeling guilty for doing them!

I am taking a short break and going on leave from Thursday this week until Thursday the following week, I know weird timing, but it’s related to my Webmaster-ing job, there are only certain times I can go on leave there, so I have scheduled my leave from the boutique around that as well.

In my head I know I NEED to take leave, I know I DESERVE time off and I know I should just be enjoying it, but I’m always so guilt-ridden, because for me to take time off from the boutique means my business partners being inconvenienced and having to spend far more time in the shop than normal, and as Murphy’s Law would have it, there’s a weekend full of parties in the middle of my leave, so it’s long hours, etc., etc. I do it all the time, so I know I shouldn’t feel guilty leaving them to sort it out, and it’s not a matter of them being capable, because they so are! But still I feel guilty taking the weekend off with nothing in particular planned at this stage and leaving everyone else to work. How ridiculous is that!

Man, can’t someone bring out a pill that cures eternal martyrdom syndrome! I need a truckload! Right – home time, time to catch up on some much needed sleep 🙂