I do my best thinking in the shower… and not in Afrikaans thank you Facebook!

Is this like a universal truth or what? And why do we all function at such a heightened level cerebrally when we’re standing under flowing water? I’m sure this is a topic that can be debated back and forth ad nauseum, however, that is not the subject of my blog post this afternoon…

In the shower this morning, thinking of Bond Girl and Dreamer both having health issues at the same time, I thought … what other dreaded lurgies will follow? … Then I thought, “Where the bloody hell does the term ‘dreaded lurgy’ come from anyway, and is it actually a known term or is it a Chanteuse-ism? Have you noticed how many weird names we have for stuff??? So I did a spot of googling on a few of my weirdest and wonderfullest terms and words and discovered the following:

  • Dreaded lurgy exists! You can read about it’s origin here
  • Schlurby (Singular) / Schlurbies (Plural) – pronounced like Cher but with an L and add bee on the end – is a Chanteuse-ism meaning squishy, unpleasant stuff, especially with respect to food, e.g. boiled chicken skin in a soup. Typical use, “Yes please, chicken curry will be wonderful, but no schlurbies please.”
  • Shloompie Doompie – pronounced (if in Durban and me) Shluum-pi Duum-pi – Well, this is an interesting one, it appears shlumpy exists, although refers more to grooming, you can read about it here. However, shloompie doompie, it would appear is a Chanteuse-ism. I use the term shloompie doompie to describe homes that are a bit run down and messy. Typical use, “This place is a bit shloompie doompie isn’t it, fantastic fixer-upper, but they could have made some effort to make it look decent!”

Talking of language, how funny was Facebook this morning, everyone in South Africa suddenly had an Afrikaans version of Facebook! How rude! It’s a good thing I can “praat the taal” a little and managed to stumble around and find the setting to change it back to English! Very politically incorrect of them! But had a good giggle watching people’s statuses reflecting their annoyance 🙂

Well, almost closing time at the shop, and off to visit Dreamer in “die hospitaal”, if he’s in traction and looking ridiculous, I promise to take a photo for prosperity … hee hee hee


  1. Jeanne on March 13, 2009 at 8:08 am

    LOL – I hadnt heard that Facebook had done that!! Maybe they’re going to do all 11 national languages in rotation. This week Afrikaans, next week isiXhosa!!!

  2. Chanteuse on March 13, 2009 at 8:47 am

    Hee hee – too funny 😀