Attack of the body snatchers …

I seem to be surrounded by people who need to trade-in their current body model and upgrade to a new model, is there something in the air? WTF!

Bond Girl either has a compressed disk, or is having a stroke! She rants about her bloody Doctors here! She’s off for an MRI tomorrow, hopefully they’ll be able to tell her something!

Dreamer has just been admitted to hospital for his persistently bad lower back problems, poor boy! Of course, he has himself to blaim after playing hockey last night!

And twice now in the last 2 weeks people have told me I sound like I’m getting sick, I feel fine but with all these degenerating bodies around me I’m beginning to think I must have a grapefruit sized tumour in my throat or something … hee hee hee!

Well, I’m starting Hot Yoga on Sunday, if that doesn’t kill me, I think I’ll live 🙂