Simply single!

Single … That dreaded (by some!) relationship status … Like it or not, there is a certain stigma associated with being single … especially past a certain age … suddenly your “independent” single ways that were celebrated and revered become something to commiserate over.

Your 20 something description might read something like “Chanteuse … She’s amazing, independent, intelligent, ambitious, creative, funny, but so jacked up she can organise anything and will turn everything she touches into gold, and she’s even single … Would have to be an incredible guy to hook her!”. This is said with an air of excitement and aspiration … Who wouldn’t want to be her?

Your 30 something description might read something like “Chanteuse … She’s amazing, independent, connected, smart, creative, funny, incredibly together and organised, she’s made successes of everything she’s touched, but shame … did you know she’s single? I can’t understand it!” This is usually said in a whispered voice with that “I feel so sorry for her” tone by someone who’s partly jealous and partly relieved her husband and 2.5 kids has given her the security she perhaps mistakes for love sometimes!

I’m smiling as I type this because I think I make a pretty happy single … I’m actually grateful for my single status … I love the freedom, the excitement, the possibilities … To me fantasy outstrips reality most times … I always say … If or when I finally choose to share my life with someone one day, you can rest assured he’s incredible … For me!

In the meantime, I celebrate my singledom, how and when I like, and every now and again someone reminds me just how incredible that is … Like tonight … After updating my BBM status with “Nothing like good music, good whiskey and a hot bath! #MyHeavenOnEarth!” a friend sent me a message saying “Your statuses make me want to be single again! I miss good music, a hot bath and a delicious glass of wine!” … That gives me an idea of how to let my creativity out outside of my business actually … Thank you Lawyer Girl 😉 You may have inspired my next creative venture!