Life in general and nothing in particular

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt THIS together.  Really!  It just feels like everything is going so exceptionally smoothly – fortunately I’m not one of those people who feels the need to create drama in my life though.

So Sun Goddess has been overseas for over a month now – jeez it’s flying by in some ways and in other ways it feels like FOREVER!  Everything is running exceptionally smoothly with our business, I actually have never felt this efficient and organised and on top of things – I think I am definitely better at managing myself than being managed … and I find it easier when I’m in control of everything – ‘cos duh I feel in control of everything.  Perhaps control is more important to me than I realise – good thing/bad thing I don’t know.

I’ve lost a truck load of weight – down 8.5 kgs at the moment – I remember looking at my weight a couple of month ago on the scale and thinking – hell I have 15kgs to lose – how did that happen?  And OMG 15kgs will take FOREVER to lose … and that was to get to the top end of where I’m comfortable weight wise … and now without even thinking too much about it, 8.5kgs are gone … I’d like to lose another 8.5kgs – now suddenly that sounds doable!  Everything is fitting so nicely again … I wake up with energy and can’t wait to get to the shop … life is pretty awesome right now.

They only thing I could do with more of is cash – roll on profit share in Feb … it will be our first profit share with our business paid off now so that’s divine!  And the shop is doing so well – hopefully it keeps on and we have a great festive season and make lots of money!  🙂

Actually, there’s another thing I could do with more of too … some more FWB time!  The last time he was here was so awesome, I miss that!  I miss him!  Thank goodness for Facebook & texting at the mo … but soon he’ll have deployed and there’ll be no comms for like 7 months – so suppose I should start weaning myself!  Why can’t I find a local FWB?  Well, a girl can dream right?