Cougar Town

Duffy and I went to a party on Friday night that made us feel unbelievably old – and I felt strangely grateful I’m not that young, dumb and ….!

We found it rather amusing that at 10pm at night at a house party, so many of them would be clearly on something!  The grinding teeth and leering thing is a dead giveaway and hysterical when you are on nothing but life and a couple of glasses of wine LOL!
First of all, really?!?!  Like before 10pm at a house party you need to take ecstasy or whatever you’re on?   Are you THAT boring?  Are your friends THAT boring?  Of course Duffy and I looked around and declared we were probably the oldest chicks there – that didn’t stop one young jaw grinding, lecherous, confident young thing from coming and standing next to Duffy, leaning into her with his hand resting on the wall above her head (you get the pose right?!  Rolling eyeballs!) and doing his best attempt at flirting with her.
A few glasses of wine later, we decided to depart, and the same young lecherous thing was standing outside with his mates, of course, as we walked by he asked where we were going and had one last attempt at impressing Duffy (more rolling eyeballs!).  
As we walked away one of his mates joked, “They must be off to Cougar Town!” which incensed Duffy no end at the time.
After the fact, I thought, actually – thank you!  Cougar Town is older, sexy, confident and generally hooking up with hot studs!  I’ll take that any day over early-20s-jaw-grinding-nothing-to-say-idiot (and I’m being kind)!
When you’ve been shagging almost as long as these boys have been alive, and had the kind of amazing men Duffy and I have had in our lives, young boys like that with nothing between their ears and probably even less between their legs really don’t impress … AT ALL! 

Viva Cougar Town – no directions required thank you!