Bla bla fishpaste!

I haven’t blogged for a while – I know, right!

I guess I just get busier and busier with my business and the last thing I want to do after a whole day on my machine at the shop, is get on my machine and blog … I’m trying to have a life outside of the shop at the moment, even if that life is simply pampering myself, nesting at home and reading 10 tonnes on my Kindle, oh and tanning when the sun’s out on weekends and the odd debauched night at Billy’s!

So – what’s up with me?  Well Sun Goddess is away galavanting around New Zealand and Oz until January next year – and I’m manning the fort alone (with the rest of the fabulous team of course) in her absence.  Although she’s not normally in the store with me, she’s a sounding board for frustrations and someone who gets what I’m talking about without me having to share histories – I’m sure by January I’ll have a nervous tick after 3 and a half months of pent up frustration – don’t be surprised if you find me wondering around mumbling and looking generally deranged.  In fact Boobalicious has taken to asking me in the shop often, “Is today another mumbling day then?!”, so it’s started already!  Oh hell!

Though I’m missing my closest Sun Goddess terribly already (after only a week and a couple of days!) it’s also awesome in another way to step up and be responsible on my own for all the things she normally does.  It’s been an incredibly productive week – list ticking extraordinaire I am – although I hit the wall a little today and had to spend a few hours browsing and generally fart assing around on the web!  Tomorrow is another day after all!

I’ve been in a little “nesting” phase at home the past few months – thanks to my family’s help (especially my long suffering brother!) I have taken on and finally completed a stupidly large mosaic project on a table – who chooses such a big project for their first mosaic project?  That would be my over-achieving self!  I’ve also painted my outside entertainment area GREEN (no jokes!), hung some artwork out there, and most recently bought a bunch of fabric to cover my sun lounger cushions, make new table cloths, etc!  Who or why I’m nesting for I don’t know – but having fun doing it 🙂

At the shop, we’re in a great development phase, with our new lingerie out finally – and selling like hot cakes, our home-grown lubricant and toy cleaner has outsold every previous product sold since it’s launch in July!  And we’re about to launch our new Bathroom Range (this is my personal FAVOURITE being a total junkie of all things pamper!).  It seems everything we develop outsells whatever it replaced before it – so I guess we’re building an amazing brand!

It’s funny that before I started this business, I never knew anyone who was a retailer, let alone a franchisor … and now I’m surrounded by both!  I guess you are sent what you need when you need it!  Franchising is a massive learning curve, I fear the daily frustrations are wearing down my excitement for this business!  I now understand why franchisors employ people to be “The little prick of the business” who goes out and inspects and deals with franchisees who don’t listen or follow the rules.  We really need to get to the point where we can afford to hire someone to do that – in an ideal world I want to be responsible for Marketing, Advertising and New Product Development – at the moment I’m responsible for “Everything” and the crappy details like Admin and Standards make the rest difficult to get inspired to do.  Fortunately I’m a hard worker and an over-achiever so I will do it all til I drop or don’t have to anymore, hoping it’s the latter!

Tonight I get to go home and test two more Salt Scrubs and a new Foam Bath (FUN!) and am currently awaiting our Massage Candle samples to test too 🙂  It’s not all sucky 😉