Spinning my way to wedding bells…

Tomorrow my very good friend Doc Bel is getting married!  So excited for the special day! And to have a likely crazy weekend with the “non-book” book club girls!  Only problem is the weather is playing havoc with possible outfits so going to have to play this largely by ear 🙂  So it seems I’m officially the last single girl left in our book club – oh dear … there I sit on the shelf 😀

On the positive side I’m feeling way better than I was a couple of weeks ago … the result of almost daily gym sessions (BIG pat on the back – I have been rather religiously going – and even on my own!  Big step for me!), lots of self pampering and a couple of tan can sessions – feel like I’m on my way out of my winter funk! Thank goodness!  No more recluse status!  Even going out with the girls tonight!  Well done me!

So – from tippex to tampax, here’s a little gym humour … I love spinning classes A LOT … if spinning classes magically  arranged themselves around my unpredictable schedule, I’d happily spin every day!  Earlier this week, I headed into the spinning class and positioned myself (AKA hid myself) towards the back in the middle somewhere, adjusted my bike, got on and started peddling, looked up and was confronted by a chick in the skimpiest top ever, like a bikini top and little shorts on the bike in the middle of the front row.  Like seriously, we’re not on the beach, and seeing your bum tattoo through a 45 minute spinning class does not inspire me!  It was so “note worthy” that the stranger on the bike next to me leaned over and made some bitchy remark and the two of us had a little conspiratorial chuckle.  This morning I arrive at a very wet gym, it’s been pouring all night and morning … and who’s walking into gym?  The same chick in the very same skimpy outfit in the pouring rain!  Now, that is just desperate for attention, no two ways about it!

Perhaps I’m going about this all wrong … I go to gym, praying for invisibility, looking a sight, and sweating profusely … it aint’ pretty!  And perhaps the real reason I’m still on the shelf … I simply don’t give a damn!!!