There really is no excuse for crap mash!

And definitely not at the prices Czar charges!

Okay, so seriously, if someone in Durban and surrounds is looking for a food critic who will say it like it is, pick me, pick me!  I’m a foodie through and through and you need take only one look at my voluptuous body to know that this girl likes her food 😉

The problem is, when you’re a good cook yourself, you have high standards.  I appreciate all sorts of food, from gourmet fair to a good homely, honest plate of food at an unpretentious joint.  As long as it is flavourful, I am appreciative.

So, last night, Duffy’s Birthday Dinner was held at Czar in Florida Road.  I love this venue, I loved the decor before when it was Society, and I love the decor now (even though one of the ladies at our table commented it was decorated like a high class bordello – no wonder I liked it! LOL).  The music is fantastic, the service impeccable – our waiter Collin was a delight!  The food however, leaves a lot to be desired!  If you eat sushi, you’re safe.  If you order anything else from the menu, forget it!

Amongst the 6 ladies eating last night, 3 had sushi and were delighted, and 3 of us ordered main meals off their menu.  Frenchy had the Chicken Roulade with smoked mash, Duffy chose the Duck on a rosti and I chose Rib-Eye on Sweet Potato Mash.  Look, mine was not awful, it simply was not special in any way, I definitely would have made a tastier Rib-Eye and Sweet Potato Mash at home, and that bites my ass when I’m paying well over R100 for my main.  Frenchy’s chicken and “smoked” mash was awful – there was nothing smoked about the mash, in fact there was nothing at all in the mash, 4 of us tasted it when Frenchy left the whole pile (and Frenchy, like me, likes her food!) and it was like boiled potato mashed with water, not a spot of seasoning, or flavouring of any sort, let alone any smoke!  Duffy’s rosti tasted, as she described it as “a sponge with bath water in it”.  Not high praise!  Czar, 10 points for service, 10 points for ambience (although it was a little empty – perhaps not unsurprising!), 1 point for food (because it was hot!).

There’s nothing wrong with pricing yourself exclusively, I ate the most expensive, and best, meal of my life at The Showroom in Cape Town, and I didn’t begrudge a cent, I would do it again, because every mouthful was a sensory delight!  Czar, you are definitely NOT Durban’s Showroom, so either slash your prices or employ a chef with taste buds!

Let’s just call a spade a shit shovel shall we?!